King Crash - Street Racing Denim king_crash.jpg

Hands up if you love the look of Prps jeans but can’t afford them because you don’t have the bank balance of the likes of D. Beckham or B. Pitt. Well your luck is in because Donwan Harrel, the brains behind Prps has come up with a new, more accessible label – King Crash. He has taken his inspiration from illegal street-racing gangs of the 1970s such as Satan Spades and Passaic Street Racers who had an attitude and style all of their own. According to Donwan – “King Krash has given me the opportunity to design with a younger customer in mind. As a designer, I gravitate towards the creative manifestation of the rebel in youth culture. All of these people were fiercely independent artisans who decided to do something different. They worked with what they were stuck with; some were bored, some hated it, but they all flipped their situations into something they loved.

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