Rihanna_levi's denim-overall-haram-jeans-jt-4-440.jpg

UPDATE! Princess Of Hip Pop, Rihanna is wearing Levis x Jean-Paul Gaultier Woman Spring 2010

Levis x Jean-Paul Gaultier.jpg

I’m not exactly sure what we call this…. er…um… outfit (this is an outfit, right?) that Rihanna wore on BET’s 106 & Park. I would suppose this is called a Levi’s-denim-cut-out-bustier-harem-overall-dungaree-jean? Being the wild one in the bunch here at Denimology, not much phases me. Well today, this however this, um….. has.

The only things I know here are:
A) Princess RiRi loves denim
B) She is channeling Rosie the Riveter
C) Clearly, RiRi really, really, REALLY LOVES denim!

Click these images above and below to see this incredible amount of denim on a totally hot babe in their much higher res glory! Warn your eyes to not stab themselves out.
P.S. Rihanna, no offense…. Xx

Rihanna_levi's denim-overall-haram-jeans-jt-440.jpg

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