Fashion Bible Women’s Wear Daily is reporting on what we’ve been saying here at Denimology for a while now, it’s all about the denim short trend. Nothing proves this point more than the vast number of brands who are jumping on the wagon including shorts year round and finding ways to update their looks to keep a hold on an ever fickle denim buyer. Trends within the trend of shorts include zippers on the side (like the Frankie B. Ziggy Zip in Noir from their Spring/Summer 2010 collection received so many orders they were asked to produce in Indigo washes also), studs like seen on Anlo, Rare and Blessed and Cursed, of course there is the mandatory distressed denim trend that Citizens of Humanity and Fresh Ink are working with. Is this trend due to the economics of late as denim shorts can be worn year round or a function of a trend of comfort? I’m not sure but I do know this, I for one love wearing them and have been saying for a bit now that this trend will be hanging around for a while.

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  1. FYI- the cute paint-splatter short (4th down on the right) is from Guess! Be sure to check it out in SPR 2010!

  2. i’ll do my ace reporter from Australia role (and remember that we are just going into Summer here).

    What are the girl’s wearing from 12 on up? Denim shorts, denim shorts and denim shorts. The shorter the better.


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