We brought you the designer denim from Dolce & Gabbana’s Milan runway show. Now we bring you the latest from the trendy urban D&G Fall 2010 line straight from the catwalk. Set to Mika’s Toy Boy and Blame it on the Girls, The theme of D&G’s show was the winter sportsman looking ever stylish while living life on the slopes. The models donned D&G chunky everything. From scarves and turtleneck sweaters to huge puffer jackets with matching puffer pants… oh and beautifully crafted jeans, denim shirts and vests…. maybe for the fabulously warm and stylish trip back home from the Antarctic’s white, powdery slopes? There was something a little different about the jeans though. D&G’s jeans were baggy, they had pleats and they also seem to be bringing back the large carpenter style pockets.

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