Instead of being another provider of the current fad in denim, the legging jean, Jason Trotzuk, founder of Fidelity Denim took a different route. He created this new 12 ounce heavyweight, stretch denim fabric to cater to everyone who isn’t wearing a “jegging”. Fidelity‘s new Super Stretch Denim Line promises classic cuts made from high end figure flattering Italian denim. Fidelity Denim‘s new Super Stretch line of jeans in the Twiggy, Scoop, Stevie and Belladonna styles will be available for purchase in February.

Personally, I can not wait to get my hands on these jeans. The most exciting thing about jeggings is how flattering they seem to be to many different shapes. I am extremely interested in touching this fabric and seeing how shape resistant the line is. This is definitely exciting news in the world of denim!

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