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HA 67 is a new denim brand inspired by the 1967’s Summer Of Love, a time when free love and flared trousers first became acceptable. The label gets its name from the Haight Astbury district of San Francisco which many people consider to be the home of the hippie counterculture movement. The faded, flared, worn and torn jeans in the lookbook (shown here) hope to give off the vibe of having taken a trip to Woodstock and back in a battered campervan. These jeans are already available in Europe and Japan and you can expect to see them in the store in the US later this year.

HA-67 - Denim With A Vintage Spirit 9657387-lg.jpg
HA-67 - Denim With A Vintage Spirit 9657375-lg.jpg
HA-67 - Denim With A Vintage Spirit 9657429-lg.jpg


  1. Very exciting to hear. I love a great pair of bell bottoms. I wonder what the price line will be if they are already being sold in Europe and Japan. I would presume a cool 3 bills.

  2. Actually you can get a pair on jeans.com I just got a skinny pair they fit great. And the prices are between $99 to $121 depending on the style you choose.

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