Using her celebrity for good, Katy Perry spent time volunteering at the Hope For Haiti Telethon wearing Work Custom Jeans Mamba Zip in Asphalt. The singer who loves her Work Custom Jeans (who can blame her and WCJ loves her back because the Mamba Zip isn’t’ available yet) wears the Moto Zip (a favorite of celebs in 2009) frequently and in multiple colors was part of the force that raised 58 million dollars to help those devastated by the earthquake in Haiti. At my school we were allowed to go to each class and ask them to text money to the Red Cross and Yele and we are doing a fundraiser of bands in two weeks to keep the attention on the long term need of those affected by the earthquake. In a world of partisanship and war helping those who are desperate to simply survive reminds us all that we are all one people… and we need to be there for each other.