Levi’s continues their “Go Forth” campaign into 2010 with ad campaign and treasure hunt to match which has been awarding money to clever slueth’s and charities alike. Haven’t been hunting for treasure yet with Levi’s yet then you must go to their website Go Forth and see how good you are at finding treasure! I think this inventive approach to consumer interaction is a great one and even if you don’t win you can feel good about the charities that do. Case in point, Charity Water who provides wells and water to developing nations, received $100,000 from Levi’s and with a well costing between $4,000 – $12,000 this money will change the lives of people who are living on less that $1 a day. This isn’t a luxury as unsafe water and poor sanitation cause 80% of all sickness in our world. Is cause-related marketing worth it? In my humble opinion, yes.