Levi's x Jean-Paul Gaultier Collection jean-paul-gaultier-levis-editorial-5.jpg

The current issue of L’Officiel Hommes includes an editorial featuring the new Levi’s x Jean-Paul Gaultier Collection which first appeared at Paris Fashion Week in the summer. In my opinion for a collaboration to work you have to be able to see what both parties have bought to the table, simply having one brand stick their logo on another compay’s products (as often happens) is not good enough. With this collection JPG has stamped his idiosyncratic style over some Levi’s classics. I particularly like the way he has reworked the denim jacket and jeans by adding punk-influenced bondage straps. Seems like JPG is pretty excited about the collaboration as well, he was quoted as saying “Levi’s is the American Dream, it’s a myth, it is the original jeans. It was a joy to work on my versions of the 501.”

Levi's x Jean-Paul Gaultier Collection jean-paul-gaultier-levis-editorial-9.jpg

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