I have some very exciting news! Especially if you are a Rag & Bone fanatic (like myself). I absolutely love everything that Rag & Bone put out. I always feel put together even though I am just wearing a top and jeans.

This month they are launching three new accompanying lines. The lines have been named Rag & Bone/KNIT, Rag & Bone/SHIRT and most importantly, Rag & Bone/JEAN! Squeal! My curiosity has peaked; I am curious to see what Rag & Bone stripped down and back to basics looks like! The lines have been created to give you wardrobe staples rather than statement pieces. Which is distinctly different from their signature line.

KNIT will carry staple tees in a variety of cuts. SHIRT provides seven washed-cotton variations on the theme of men’s-style shirting. And the highlight of the three, JEAN will have only three cuts: the skinny, the straight, and the stiletto boot but available in a range of colors.

Keep your eyes peeled because I am trying to get my fingers on the lookbook for the new collections!

(Source: Style)


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