I did a double take when I read the story, but apparently early Monday, thieves drove a stolen van into a Nordstrom store near Atlanta, and fled with armloads of premium denim valued at $13,000. This was the second time in the last few months that robbers hit this mall, as robbers took $17,000 in premium denim from Bloomingdale’s. The van crashed into one of the store’s exterior entrances and three men grabbed 87 pairs of jeans. They left the van behind and escaped on foot.

Police are unsure whether the latest robbery could be linked to the “Blue Jean Bandits”, a gang that has stolen more than $1.5 million in premium denim from some 70 Atlanta-area stores since 2007. Wait, what? There is an actual gang called the Blue Jean Bandits who’s crime is stealing designer denim? It’s almost laughable, as I am picturing a bunch of flamboyant robbers decked out in rhinestone encrusted denim ski masks carrying armfuls of Rock & Republics, True Religion and J Brand jeans!

The moral of the story: these crooks are either selling this denim off illegally or using it to make fakes more likely… fakes are never in fashion, and crime doesn’t pay! And yeah, we can tell those are fake 7’s on your backside sweetie!