I am over excited to tell you all about my experience at New York Fashion Week with G-Star Raw. But first I would like to present you with images from the show at which I was able to sit “front row”. Technically my seats would not have been called front row because we did not face the main stage we faced a side stage. Fortunately for myself and the other attendees of the show, the G-Star set provided viewers with multiple runways set in a stage like setup and there was not a bad seat in the house.

G-Star delivered a stunning show of lights, a musical stomping list to groove to and a their typical fashion forward styles. Hammerstein Ballroom was the location in which they entertained us. Literally everything was exaggerated, which is typical for G-Star Raw, from the catwalk choreography to the stage-setting to their futuristic wardrobe. What was not typical with uberly oversized outerwear in attention commanding shades of green, blue, and yellow. The line’s denim was there in nearly every outfit but cleverly disguised by flashy outerwear. Over all the outfits were FUN! Nothing was to be taken seriously, too literally. Behind the models, a screen flashed the phrase The good things still exist in different languages. And the music had me dancing in my seat while watching the beautiful cast stomp their way down the runway.

The denim came in all forms in jackets, shirts, trim and as traditional form jeans. The jeans although were far from traditional with washes varying from acid, waxed, shiny foiled and with interesting hem line angles.


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  1. This looks like it was a really fun show to be at! Love the bright blues & yellows!

  2. there are so many jeans i want from g star right now. aargh! i love all the electric blue and yellow that is happening right now, it makes me so happy!


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