English singer Lily Allen has been spotted not once but twice wearing her Superfine Legging Jeans. The first occasion she wore them was back in November and then she was spotted heading in for some sushi in London wearing them again. I wonder if Lily‘s good friend Kate Moss was the one who turned her on to Superfine Jeans. Kate clearly loves the brand because she has been seen wearing the line multiple times.

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  1. This, like all ” androgenous ” fashions for females is direct rip-off from previous menswear designs which are never duplicate for males once that style becomes available , then adopted ,by females by their cross-dressing /transvestite fetish. This particular style were worn in many 1930-s American Western movies by both Tom Mix and Gene Autry ; they were designed by : Rodeo Ben Lichenfield , Nathan Turk. I know a comeback critic will say females don’t cross-dress, its ours now because we adopted them for comfort and freedom; let a normal male say such a preposterous statement why he dresses in traditional feminine clothes. see how far that validity goes.The fashion industry the mostly blantant sexist organization, bar none.

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