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Getting dressed to do these reviews is a huge deal. Well, getting dressed right for these reviews is a huge deal to me I should say. I had the great opportunity to meet and get to know the people from J Brand over the last year having covered L.A.’s Fashion Night Out and found them to be incredibly nice, welcoming, creative and supportive. They didn’t have to be so nice to me, I’m no Anna Wintour in the fashion world, just a 15 year old girl with a dream of working in the fashion industry.

The jean legging (or jegging) has been a trend every major brand has jumped on in the past year. Buyers are finding this style to be one of the “must haves” even in tough economic times. J Brand can be found on every major celebrity, the cut of their jeans is timeless and I have to say J Brand has fascinated me with their collaborations with Hussein Chalayan, Henry Duarte and the upcoming Proenza Schouler collection. Always a fresh take on denim comes from these collaborations and raises the bar of what we as consumers expect from our denim.

Up until now I have yet to try on a pair of J Brand jeans. I have been obsessed with the J Brand Oz jean of last year, I thought it was beautiful and the darkness of the tie-dye gave a richness to the jeans. I always wanted to buy a pair and haven’t yet, so this opportunity to try out the new J Brand Low-Rise Legging in Viper was something I looked forward to.

First, these have an amazing sheen to them that could do very well dressed up or casual. They have some lycra so I found them to be super comfortable and the slight crinkling in the fabric gives a great look when on. These jeans have a false pocket on the front which is great particularly with jeggings so there are no lines or puckering of the pocket. Also they have such a nice stretch to them that they retain their shape and don’t bag. I’m quite taken with the wrinkling effect of the jeans especially below the knee, the wash of the fabric doesn’t completely make these look like denim although they are and definitely have the comfort of denim, they look more like a cross between pleather and leather. Something I’ve always found interesting with J Brand is that they go without any major pocket decoration, yet continue to come up with new styles, washes and cuts that keep people updating their wardrobe. This does allow for a consumer to wear J Brand jeans multiple times without people taking notice. These are the kind of jeans you wear often because they really do go with everything.

Now on to the tough part… what to wear with them? I’m part of something called The Intelligence Group (this is not a reflection on my intelligence at all btw) it’s the trend marketing division of CAA (Creative Artists Agency) where gen y’s, z’s and millenials like my self talk and blog about trends, how we get information on music, products, films and pop culture in general. I had to go to CAA to a trend panel and speak in front of some clients of theirs so I was already nervous and wanted to look my best. I chose the J Brand Leggings and paired them with a reconstructed military jacket of my Mom’s (yes you can call me a closet raider). I also chose my Costume National boots again and forgive me if you’ve seen them before but they go with everything and give me the extra lift I like to have.

I overcame any nerves and spent quite a bit of time at the meeting talking about how important blogging has been to me. Writing for Denimology was a huge topic of interest to the people there both in terms of my own personal growth and also how websites like this one are influencing fashion trends and taking front row seats at Fashion Week around the world.

CAA is by a mall so my Mom hung out there while I went to my meeting and came and met me when I was done, we walked around and did a bit of window shopping. I love Louis Vuitton, their window displays are always so creative this bird cage installation was stunning and I had to pop into Sephora to check out the new Tarina Tarantino make-up which like all things Tarina is sparkly!

The J Brand Low-Rise Legging in Viper reviewed here are available from online from $217.

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  1. You look fantastic & very sexy in that outfit. Every element comes together very well. Beautiful shoes & top to go with those hot jeans. Seems like J Brand has come out with another big hit. Love how that little bit of glossy shimmer in the fabric gives it a very attractive wet appearance along with the skin tight fit make it super sexy pair of jeans.

  2. Good post, some fascinating details. I believe six of days ago, I have discovered a similar post.

  3. What size are you? Just wondering because you look similar to me :P, is the material stretchy?

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