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Since they came out the Siwy Hannah Jean has been seen on nearly every starlet around the world. We’ve had sightings on Denimology of Kim Kardashian, Kate Beckinsale, Ashley Tisdale to Kate Moss! So I was really excited to give these jeans a try having seen the versatility in the outfits that these women have worn with the same jeans gave me inspiration!

It has been raining for days on end in Los Angeles and this is a city that is ill prepared for a little rain let alone non-stop rain. So first chance of sun I slipped on the Siwy Hannah Jeans in Jet Obsidian and topped it off a Whitney Eve jacket that I love and my Guess heels. I have to admit to you I actually love these jeans they hit me exactly at the bottom of my ankle, not to long or too short. The fabric is thick with a little bit of give so I was quite comfortable sitting and moving around in them, they didn’t bag or sag after a days wear. I’ve tried on distressed jeans before that I felt one washing and they would of disintegrated, this isn’t the case with the Siwy jeans. My dog Bella even got in on the picture taking, she’s such a ham and knows the camera loves her!

These reviews have also been an education for me in fit and sizing of jeans. Before this I hadn’t expanded my denim routine outside of a few brands that I knew fit me well. I’m a solid 25 yet some brands fit in the waist and not elsewhere, or not at all. Siwy has solid sizing these fit me perfectly and I’m going to put this out there again, they were incredibly comfortable and I liked that I could dress them up and still have a bit of edge to my outfit with the distressed look.

The sad news to this is the sun went behind a cloud shortly after these pictures were taken and it rained for a few more days. But we need it in L.A. and I know I shouldn’t complain given the blizzards and storms or duress others suffer because of the elements. Los Angeles is denim central and Siwy is part of that culture. You can be at The Chateau Marmont or at In-N-Out Burger and see women wearing Siwy Jeans and that’s a compliment to the brand and it’s designer Michelle Siwy. You can wear her jeans no matter what your look is and I now understand her loyal following!

The Siwy Jeans Hannah Skinny in Jet Obsedian featured in this review are available from RevolveClothing for $185.

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  1. Not a shock that Siwy is perfect in size. Michelle seems to be a no mess kind of girl so it does not surprise me that her product is perfect as it should be.

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