Alexa Chung was featured in a small article in the fashion section of New York Times online last year and some outtakes have been released from the initial shoot. Seems like we’ve been on an Alexa drought. Thank goodness for these images; I’ve missed seeing her sweet face and ridiculously long stems.

What is Alexa wearing?

Marni shoes with my favorite socks. I don’t like my feet, so with open-toe sandals, I often put socks on to mask the horrendousness. The shorts are old Levi’s; I’ve had them since I was 18. The blouse is Topshop. They left the security tag on it, and the alarm didn’t go off, so you can steal from Topshop and it will be O.K. Just joking! The necklace was originally Mawi, but I added things to it.

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