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Selling jeans and introducing their new “Vintage” denim line to the masses was the main purpose for Big Star Denim served during the Project Las Vegas Trade Show. But the good willed denim line also had a more generous endeavor taking place during the show: Helping Haiti.

The interior and exterior walls of the Big Star booth were decorated with real U.S. tender. There were even a few hundred dollar bills on the booth walls! The Big Star team set up a contribution container at the front of the booth and over the course of the three day trade show, owner Yul Ku and his Big Star team peeled the dollars off of the booth and deposited them in the contribution containers. Their hope was to encourage others to donate in a bid to not let people forget the catastrophic natural disaster that hit the already poverty stricken country. Big Star wants to keep this tragedy fresh in people’s thoughts.

In the end, Big Star‘s collection totaled around $13,500 and is being donated to the American Red Cross’s disaster relief fund for Haiti.

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