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Buyer's Guide: Raw Denim revolve_NAKE-MJ11_V1-BIG.jpg

Here we have another Buyer’s Guide from Lauren Barnes, Denim Buyer at RevolveClothing:

As a Denim Buyer, raw (dry) denim is one of the most interesting pieces for me to look at. It’s the truest form of denim, no washing, fading, destruction, just the bareness of the fabric as if its taken straight from the loom. Since no washing or processing is done to raw denim, the fabric is extremely stiff and requires a lot of breaking into before feeling truly comfortable in the jeans. The most fascinating thing about raw denim is that they are created by the wearer! You create your own creases, wrinkles, destruction and lines; whether its on the back of the knee, on the hips, around the pockets, each bump and bruise becomes created just by you, allowing you the full flexibility to make some your very own original jean. Some of the most well known brands of raw denim include: Nudie Jeans, G-Star Raw, Naked & Famous, Sugar Cane, Dry Bones, and 3Sixteen. Amongst my favorites right now for that guy looking for a new venture to try are from Naked & Famous, Nudie, and G-Star.

The Naked & Famous Skinny Guy in Indigo Broken Twill Selvedge (shown above) is at the top of my list. The price is unbeatable, but what is so great about these jeans is that you get the raw denim aspect, along with the selvedge details. The skinny cut is perfect for that everyday jean that you know you can always count on, plus the fact that it is raw will allow you to create your perfect story. My second favorite pair are the Naked & Famous Slim Guy in Natural Indigo Revival Selvedge True Indigo (below left) which are great because the denim is a little lighter – great for day, but still versatile enough that you can dress them up. Last of all is Nudie’s Slim Jim in Dry Black Coated (below right). I love these because the coating helps to keep the color longer, not allowing for as much fade as you would normally see in any other raw denim. A classic black jean that every guy always needs in their wardrobe.

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