David Beckham In Wrangler Blue Bell Denim Jacket dbeckham_1.jpg

The only people who are going to be pleased to see this photo are the folks because Wrangler as David Beckham is wearing an 11MJ denim jacket from their S/S 2010 Wrangler Blue Bell Collection. The rest of the UK will be gutted to see Beckham leaving his hotel on crutches on the way to Finland where he is to be treated for the ruptured Achilles tendon which put an end to his World Cup hopes.


  1. I liked this add! I’m disabled, and it shows that even disabled people are people too. Sometimes we get forgotten.

  2. I just read that David Beckham was flown to Finland on Monday for surgery on an Achilles tendon injury. I hope not that this could end his playing career.

  3. Where/when can I buy the jacket that Beckham is wearing – the Wrangler blue bell 11MJ s/s 2010 version? thanks

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