I am laughing hysterically right now….. I was watching the Chic, Bonjour, Lee, Jordache and Levi’s commercials of yesteryear. One of them spoke to me; The Chic jeans advert screams, “My last name is Kardashian!”. These are the commercials that used to come on between mom’s (leotard included) step aerobics program, Days of Our Lives and when the smurfs came on for me (Thank goodness!).

Yes, peeps. I’m talking 25 years ago. Corny voices over big booty Judy’s wearing jeans made for a woman or what the cool kids wore is actually what made me fall so madly in love with the look of denim. These very commercials are what made pre-K me think that denim was sexy. I wanted to look just like those girls. They looked cool, beautiful, carefree……. of course, most of what I’ve said is totally laughable after watching these commercials.