H&M - The Blues  hm-the-blues-campaign-01.jpg

According to H&M there is only one colour to be wearing this Spring – Blue. As you can see from these images from their ad campaign their new collection is a riot of denim. Over at their website they have a dedicated section titled The Blues where you they are running a Show Us Your Blue Style competition to see see who has the coolest blue H&M outfit. Each week 10 winners will be selected to receive a 100 EURO H&M gift voucher.

H&M - The Blues  hm-the-blues-campaign-02.jpg
H&M - The Blues  hm-the-blues-campaign-03.jpg
H&M - The Blues  hm-the-blues-campaign-04.jpg
H&M - The Blues  hm-the-blues-campaign-05.jpg
H&M - The Blues  hm-the-blues-campaign-06.jpg