RMC Martin Ksohoh Denim Giveaway 0016thm.jpg

This week we are giving you the opportunity to get your hands on a pair of sought after RMC Martin Ksohoh jeans. These jeans retail for £299 are are popular with celebs like UK’s Dizzie Rascal.


RMC Martin Ksohoh (also known as RED MONKEY). The name Red Monkey Company abbreviated “RMC” and branded RMC Martin Ksohoh carries two connotative meanings. “Red” symbolizes the searing red sun as well as Oriental. Whereas, “Monkey” signifies evolution, of which apes evolved into human being. “Company” is the workshop consisted of creative persons, ideas and projects. Caring for the environment is their philosophy with the use of “natural colour cotton” grown naturally in ivory rather than pure white and the base to produce non-wash RMC vintage denim. RMC are known for their tailor made limited edition collections of fine embroidery technology and three-dimensional embroidery production with attention to detail of design.

This winner of this giveaway was [email protected]


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