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Paige’s Verdugo Leggings are so stretchy and comfortable it truly is hard to accept that they really are jeans. As customers continue to buy into the legging/jegging trend Paige’s could possibly be the most comfortable I’ve worn to date. The color is literally ink, so dark it surpasses blue and the contrast stitching is one of my favorite details on these jeans. The rise is high enough to be super comfortable without being too high and the fit is incredible. The length is fantastic not too long or too short and because the fabric is so soft and stretchy it allows for the wearer (in this case me) to maintain a slim fit at all times. These jeans are perfect for day or night due to the darkness of the denim as well as the sleek comfortable fit.

I briefly met Paige Adams-Geller (the woman behind the brand) at last year’s Fashion Night Out at Fred Segal. She was there showing customers how to shred their own jeans and I found her to be so nice – and she didn’t even know I wrote for Denimology! It’s always great to meet the people behind the brands and even better when they are as sweet as Paige!

I have always been a fan of nautical striped shirts with skinny jeans. The look made famous by Audrey Hepburn is timeless and I felt this shirt looked great with these jeans. My shoes are by our family friend Roxanne Banas, who had a shoe line called Delores and Maxine, I truly send good thoughts almost everyday to the universe hoping she again will make shoes because the pairs I have are some of my absolute favorites!

Paige Verdugo Leggings run about $150 and are well worth the investment!


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