This was my second go at these Rich & Skinny Low Down Skinny in Oxidized Black jeans, I wore them out to do a photo shoot a few weeks ago and like most of us from time to time, when we look at pictures we don’t always like what we see. This isn’t a function of the jeans, it truly was me (and well maybe my Mom’s shooting angles that weren’t so flattering). It’s odd how a new start and better angles can turn things around.

Rich & Skinny have a strong fan following both in the celebrity and real world. I’ve written celebrity sightings of their jeans and followed the brand like I do others, again I had yet to sample the goods I’d so often written about. I should start of by saying I’m not the biggest fan of this kind of wash on jeans. The rise on these is 7.5″ and I am used to a lower rise (I see a difference between intended high-waisted jeans and a high rise in jeans I prefer a lower rise or high-waisted jeans that hit my waist) the higher rise mixed with a lower pocket made me feel that my backside looked well, square. Now not that I want to draw attention to it but that is the issue I am having. That aside, these jeans are super soft and like most skinny jeans have a nice amount of give (elastin) to them, they are super comfortable and fit true to size. The length is really good and the tapering on the leg is also great (often I find skinnies can be cut too wide or too slim in the leg). I like the unadorned pockets and the Rich & Skinny signature grommet on the fly is a nice detail.

I chose to wear one of my favorite go-to brands Free People for both the t-shirt and jacket. This batwing t-shirt and sequin jacket are two of my regular items (although I will say the sequins on my jacket are dangerous and can cause scratches to my arms and neck) and the way the shirt draped down a bit worked well proportionally. As always I went for heels, the black shoe boot trend is still going strong and I’ve gotten so much wear out of these Steve Madden shoe-boots it’s unreal (and as is often the case I bought them second hand for a bargain). I’m back to homework and my online classes and look forward to my next review.

The Rich & Skinny Low Down Skinny Jeans in Oxidized Black reviewed here are available at Revolve Clothing for $185.00.


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  1. Sav, Your butt looks FAR from square there dear. You have a great little shape. I like these jeans a lot!

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