Ha! I totally forgot that I asked Lucio to get me a great shot of this beautiful boy, Shaun Sipos. He plays David on Melrose Place (WHOM and WHICH I LOVE!!) I met Shaun sipping on Champagne after G-Star Raw‘s runway show last month! He was beautiful and nice…. swoooooon…. Shaun was wearing G-Star Scuba 5620 Extreme Tapered Jeans and he looked so good in them. I wish fashion would change a bit in the states because everyone wearing G-Star looked fresh.

He told me that I was a naughty girl for recording Melrose Place on my DVR though. I guess that messes with their ratings. I’m a changed girl. And I also was able to speak to one of the writers there and they have made some exciting changes and improvements now that Auggie and Violet are gone. If you were not watching because of the painful acting by some unnamed person, come back!! It’s just getting juicy!

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