Dish Jeans Fall 2010 Preview Legging_ButtonHem_Black.JPG

Dish Jeans Fall 2010 Preview Legging_Zipper.JPG

Donald Johannesson from Dish Jeans just sent me these images of new styles that will be included in their Fall 2010 collection. To improve their line, Donald says that Dish improved upon denim pet peeves such as loose fabric on the back of the legs (when it should not be there) through ergonomic seaming. They also placed defined darts at stretch points.

You can try Dish Jeans out for a bargain if you act quickly too! For three days they will be on TheSampleSale today Monday the 12th, tomorrow the 13th and on Wednesday the 14th. I’m excited to try a pair of their jeans so I think this is the perfect opportunity.

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