Jessica Alba in Unknown Ombre Jeans jessica-alba-ombre-zipper-jeans-jt.jpg

I was hoping our amazing Denimology readers could help me with this little mystery.

Jessica Alba is spotted wearing a pair of Ombre Zipper Jeans similar to Stella McCartney Ombre Skinny Zipper Jeans that everyone was wearing last season. These however are NOT Stella jeans because you can see how different the ombre wash is and the zipper is longer (and appears to have a different zipper pull), as well as the fabric having a different texture too. Go ahead and drop me a line if you know who makes Jessica’s jeans. You can click on any of the images for a larger image to inspect.

Jessica Alba in Unknown Ombre Jeans jessica-alba-ombre-zipper-jeans-jt8.jpg

Jessica Alba in Unknown Ombre Jeans jessica-alba-ombre-zipper-jeans-jt-440-2.jpg

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  1. I wondered if they were the Paper Denim & Cloth ombre jeans? Those have a zip and 25 inch inseam, iirc from the sale on Ideeli.

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