ID These Jeans: Kellan Lutz in ??? -kellan-lutz-double-denim-jeans-jt-440.jpg

Delicious in denim, Kellan Lutz stops to sign autographs for fans on his way into the Jimmy Kimmel Live studios in Los Angeles wearing a pair of jeans I have yet to ID. If you happen to know what brand of jeans my sexy vampire boyfriend is wearing, hit me up!

Soon I will be calling him my godly boyfriend. Kellan will soon star in War of Gods, a Greek myth fantasy movie that centers on the conflict between the Greek gods and the elder gods known as the Titans, whose king, Hyperion played by Mickey Rourke, is on a murderous rampage across Greece.

ID These Jeans: Kellan Lutz in ??? -kellan-lutz-double-denim-jeans-jt-440-2.jpg

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