If Spanx made a pair of jeans it would be 7 For All Mankind’s “The Skinny” Jeans. These babies keep it all in and it’s a good thing. As far as denim leggings/jeggings go I’ve found the biggest difference to be in the fabric (wash, weight and amount of elasticity) as the fit is meant to be skin tight. When I first put these on I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get them up but they really have an incredible amount of give in them and boy when they are on, they hold it all in place! The fabric is lightweight and the wash is incredibly dark blue while still being blue (like inkwell blue), I quite like the stitching on them which is a nice contrast to the indigo color of the jeans themselves. The rise is nice at 7 1/2″ it is perfect and the positioning of the back pockets are flattering, the fit also is very true to size.

One of my favorite things to wear with skinny jeans is heels I chose my “Karl Who” t-shirt a nod to my hero, Karl Lagerfeld. My jacket is by KRMA I got it two Christmas’s ago and it is still one of my favorite pieces. When choosing my outfit for these reviews I always start with the jeans because it’s what I’m showcasing here and try not to cover them with a top or jacket. I do think these jeans would look amazing with a longer top/tunic also and sandals for a bohemian look, they are the all around great dark skinny jean and could be styled in many ways.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow because we don’t have classes because half my school is going to Coachella music festival (not me) so they switched our pupil free day. Since it’s a three day weekend now I’m going to get caught up on school (reading The Great Gatsby which is amazing) and doing my product reviews which sometimes I’m not the most consistent on getting done each weekend as I plan.

The 7 For All Mankind’s “The Skinny” Jeans jeans reviewed here are available to buy online for $149.


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