When I first received these Baldwin Jeans to review I was a bit put off by the stiffness of the denim. Like many people I have become accustomed to soft, worn and washed denim and I usually look for what would be the most instantly comfortable when shopping for jeans. But after checking out the Baldwin site and doing some research on Wikipedia I came to a better understanding of raw denim – which is intended to be worn-in thoroughly before being washed.

With a minor history lesson under my belt I went about pairing the Baldwin Ten Skinny Jeans with a vintage top and sweater and vintage Ferragamo heels. They have an “old school” feel and look to them which is different from most women’s jeans available in the marketplace. They reminded me of the great looking rock-a-billy girls I see around. When I had my outfit put together I will tell you these jeans quickly grew on me. Made of Red Line Selvage woven in Japan these jeans will shrink about 1/2″ in length and the waist and have some give (approx 1″ around the waist after 20 washings) I can definitely see washing these jeans would give them a snugger fit and probably quickly soften up the fabric.

After a few too many days of rain this week my Mom and I have been looking for a dry moment to shoot this review and of course it started raining in the middle of us shooting. All we have in way of umbrella’s are these great parasols which served not only as a prop but kept me dry for a few shots. As I continue to educate myself and learn about the vast amount of variety available not only in style but fabric and construction of jeans I can honestly say I’m much more open and appreciative of innovative design techniques. I would like to see how these jeans are after a lot of washings I think they’d be amazing I absolutely like the look of them and feel that the comfort and stretch of the denim would develop over time.

The Baldwin Ten Skinny jeans reviewed here are available from for $220.


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