This past week was my Spring vacation from school we only had a week off and I had more school work to do than had I been actually in school. I had to go to Hollywood to get some props for the movie I was shooting for my film class and I thought it would be a great opportunity to try out the James Jeans Moto in Black Out. The Motorcycle denim look has been one I quite like since it popped up last year. I think it’s an innovative way to change up the traditional look of jeans and honestly I had a lot of ground to cover and the weather has been unpredictable in L.A. lately so after trying these on and liking the fit and fabric, I knew I’d be warm and comfortable. One of my first stops was Amoeba Records one of the few record stores left in LA, they have a great mural of late jazz musicians on their building and I’ve always wanted a reason to take a picture and did! I picked up a copy of Edith Piaf recordings and then walked up to the Free People and Urban Outfitters stores to do a bit of window shopping and grab some yogurt. If it looks warm in the photos don’t be fooled it was so windy and quite cold (my Mom is taking pictures and holding my coat) but I was thankful for the sunshine! I got compliments on my outfit from the girl at Urban Outfitters shoe store and I really wanted to take a picture in the 70’s hanging chair they had but was too chicken to ask. I settled for the brick wall outside and the cool door of a salon down the street.

I’ve come to realize I have a bit of a weird thing about the rise in jeans. As I’ve done these reviews and been exposed to brands I hadn’t worn before one thing I understand more now than ever is how important the rise really is. These have a 7.5″ rise which is darn near perfect if you ask me! Easy to bend over without exposing people and I felt comfortable wearing a cropped top I had just bought on sale earlier in the week. I’m a 25 and these are 24 so it does seem they run a bit big. The small amount of lycra really gives the denim stretch even when you have multiple layers where the knee topstitching is. I had feared that the weight of the topstitching would make the jeans feel tight or heavy on my knees and thighs but this wasn’t the case. These are called “Black Out” and the distressed color of the denim accentuates the detailing which is really quite nice. I like minimal pocket detail (with exceptions here and there) and IMHO it’s good to keep a jean like this simple elsewhere so the pockets aren’t fighting with the topstitching detail. These are made from premium denim and you can tell when you wear them. The fact that they are skinny jeans is great because I wore my short cowboy boots (not a day for heels) and really liked the look. My Mom always wears motorcycle boots so I stay away from that look so we don’t do the “twins” thing. I can see these jeans lasting a very long time and although trends come and go this one could be around for some time.

The James Jeans Moto Skinny in Black Out reviewed here are available at RevolveClothing for $184.


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  1. Hey Savannah, you always wear skinny jeans and you look great. But following that article a few days ago about PUR flare jeans, let’s see you do a pair of flares for a change. They’re definitely in style!

  2. i now have to have these jeans. they look great on you. you are at my salon “hairroin”. awesome!


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