Who Is The Hottest 37 Year Old Denim Diva? 28431_ellemacphersononaschoolruninlondon_march252010_0016_122_594lo.jpg

UPDATE: It has just been pointed out to me that I got my dates wrong and Elle Macpherson is actually 47 years old and not 37. I therefore declare this vote redundant – anyone who looks that good in jeans when they are 3 years shy of their 50th birthday wins hands down and deserves to have a statue erected in their honour. Elle Macpherson I salute you.

We have decided it is time for a Face Off between two of the hottest Denim Divas on the planet. Cameron Diaz and Elle Macpherson are both 37 years old and each has been seen defying the passage of time and looking simply incredible in denim this past week. Cameron rocked a pair of skimpy American Eagle shorts whilst Elle slipped on some seriously sexy ripped Diesel Matic jeans. We want your opinion, so please scroll down to the bottom of this post and vote on which of these two is the hottest 37 year old denim diva?

Who Is The Hottest 37 Year Old Denim Diva? FP_4761479_FP7_Diaz_Cameron_032810-550x756.jpg


  1. Not even considering that you have Elle’s age wrong, she’s 46, born in 1963, she is the hands down winner!
    She is always fashionable and beautiful.

  2. Elle is 46 years of age, not 37…she was born in 1963.
    Not even considering the age difference, Elle is the hands down winner, she has great style and class.

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