Coming Soon! Pray for Mother Nature Denim!! denim-chip.jpg

This is exciting stuff!! Chip Foster, one of the designing twins that started denim brand Chip & Pepper, is starting a new premium jeans line with his wife Nicole called Pray for Mother Nature. The line will carry nine styles, all inspired by a recent trip to Japan. Nicole said she looked at what was missing in her closet to create pieces that suit her lifestyle.

Pray for Mother Nature will cover the basics with five-pocket jeans in a couple different washes. The collection will also include fashionista geared styles like slouchy cuffed trousers, denim harem pants and a slim style stitched with seams running down the back. Pray for Mother Nature, which will be made entirely in Los Angeles, will retail from $158 to $198. Living up to its name, the line will donate a portion of sales to environmental charities.


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