Some nights out are better than others and last week was a super fun! Daniella Clarke (of Frankie B. fame) hosted the re-opening of one of my favorite Los Angeles vintage stores, Revival. Joined by husband Gilby Clarke in Men’s Frankie B’s (who is up and walking with the help of a cane after being hit on his motorcycle a few months ago) guests included Jonah Hex and Twilight star Julia Jones (who is about to skyrocket to fame and one of the nicest and prettiest people you could meet) wearing Frankie B. Black Gold Denim Leggings and even Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas showed up! I met both Joe and Demi (who introduced themselves to us when we all had our picture taken which was sweet but funny) and as much as I’d like to say I could identify his denim shirt I was a bit smitten (as were my friends) with how attractive both he and Demi were in person and didn’t take notice.