Kim K Fights Back Over Mom Jeans Criticism kim_kardashian_41.jpg

Kim Kardashian felt the wrath of the internet (led by Us Magazine) who decided she had committed the unforgivable fashion crime of wearing mom jeans, when in fact she was just wearing a pair of high-waisted jeans – there is a difference. I always find it sad when a baying internet mob picks on some poor victim, as happened with Jessica Simpson last year. It’s even more annoying when this self-appointed style police force actually gets it wrong. As far as I am concerned there is nothing wrong with Kim K’s jeans and those that have been so quick to criticise should be ashamed of themselves.

Luckily Kim K has more sense than to take this criticism to heart and used her on her own blog to reply by saying “So I wore these high-waisted jeans yesterday and I’ve noticed some people online are calling them ‘mom jeans.’ For some reason, high-waisted jeans are always branded with this negative term and I think it’s kind of ridiculous. I don’t think these are mom jeans at all… and even if they are, who’s to say any mom wouldn’t look fabulous in them!? Any woman who is proud of her curves should be able to flaunt them in high-waisted jeans!!! So you know what… I’m proud to rock the mom jeans!”

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