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We have a new contributor starting with us this week – Matt will be doing all the reviews of men’s denim, so if you are a denim brand or retailer and would like to see you jeans reviewed here please get in touch.

I will never get bored of denim. It’s impossible. It continues to surprise me and our friend Donwan Harrell has done it again for me.

If you didn’t know, Mr.Harrell is the genius behind PRPS jeans, you know the ones the likes of David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Halle Berry and Gerard Butler are seen strolling around smitten with, and yes, King Krash is another one of his ventures. Were talking the Vintage Blue Dirt Distressed Straight leg jeans, now to be honest, it’ a style that’s been missing from my denim collection for a few years now. In fact, the only thing close is a pair of unmarked Replay stone wash jeans I only ever wear inside the house.

Apparently all the inspirations come from the same place as PRPS. Illegal 1970’s street racing, car modification, working men’s scene denim. Personally I find it hard to appreciate the ‘worn in’ look being a raw denim patriot. If it’s going to be worn in I want it worn in the way I live. So I was pretty taken back when I actually like the dirt and oily paint residue across the legs and when it effortlessly blended into a wardrobe best suited for dark unwashed denim.

Fit wise, it’s a comfortable mid-rise standard straight leg, slightly baggy from the thighs down with a waist that hugs perfectly so forget slipping on a belt. The jeans still have an 8.5 inch leg opening (despite the misleading boot cut tapered look) and a proportional length so they sit nicely if you’re combining classic boots with them or any hi-top sneaker as I opted for.

I thought I’d test out how genuine the distressing looked by wearing them out with some friends, one of which is a tree surgeon. The response was,

“Hey, I didn’t know you were working with (said tree surgeon) today”

I went a step further testing versatility and even combined them with some classic street wear, air force ones and a RISE Ape tee. Again, the jeans won. So I can’t fault them really. The denim is even ‘brushed’ soft, a nice change from my rigid unwashed collection. King Krash has even adopted it’s own variation on PRPS’ signature concealed contrasting fly buttons, nice. For a chilled out guy, I must admit, it’s nice to model life in the fast lane.

The King Crash Vintage Blue Dirt Distressed Straight Jeans reviewed here can be bought from for £145.

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