Too bad I was not invited! It seems you had to be a momma blogger to be invited.

Well….There is a little secret I’ve been stashing. I have pink hair and my vocabulary is a lot more urban dictionary than Merriam-Webster but….. I’m a mommy of 4. They are the 4 most clever, raddest honor roll students anyone could ever have and also the most well behaved ;). But those little punks (said in the most affectionate way you’ve ever heard someone say punk) changed my body forever. So it’s no stretch that I am VERY excited about these jeans that I will be reviewing. I have constantly found that you can’t get REALLY COOL jeans with a higher rise. That’s what I hope to see from the MiracleBody Jeans company in the future.

Check out the comments by the mommy bloggers that were invited to the Miracle Jeans Preview Party. Pretty cute reactions I must say.