Vintage Revolution - Coming Fall 2010 vr_denim_1.jpg

Vintage Revolution are a new entrant into the premium denim marketplace who are planning to make a big name for themselves in 2010. VR is owned by one of the biggest denim factories in North America and they have appointed a real heavyweight as their Brand President. Michael Press was formerly President of Earnest Sewn and VP at Paige Denim and Koos Manufacturing (who own AG Jeans). Their stated goal is to produce jeans with timeless style coupled with a spirit of rebellion. They are inspired by denim’s ‘true blue’ roots whilst also incorporating up to date sustainable factory practices into the production. The first collection (which retails at $118 – $148) will hit the ground running in Fall 2010 when it becomes available in 400 stores across the US including Bloomingdale’s, Fred Segal, Lisa Kline, E Street Denim and National Jean Company.