It’s that time of year again when Twilight madness is ramping up as the next installment, Eclipse hits theaters around the world June 30th (which btw is my 16th birthday!). One of the greatest experiences for me lately has been getting to know Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley in the series) and Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater) through their good work for a campaign to help the Cheyenne Lakota Sioux tribe called Shift The Power. Chaske, along with most of the Twilight cast was at the MTV awards last night and for those in the UK he’s your MTV UK red carpet correspondent wearing D&G jeans! I love our Denimology readers they’ve helped me with English assignments and are always supportive so I ask you to please take 2 minutes of your day and sign this petition to raise awareness and help those in need. Learn about the cause by watching this PSA and a big thank you to Chaske who took my best friend and I to a cast screening of Eclipse last week and introduced us to everyone. The movie is the best of the lot I enjoyed it so much and I have mad respect for those who use their celebrity for good! We are doing a media launch for this cause June 14th in LA with much of the cast I will definitely be posting pictures of the event!