Levi's "Ready To Work" Ad Campaign levis1.jpg

The next phase of the Levi’s Go Forth ad campaign titled Ready To Work will launch this July featuring regular working people rather than the usual collection of hipster models. Levi’s have taken a trip down to Braddock, Pennsylvania (a town once famous for its steel mills but now working to rebuild itself after years of decline) and shot a series of ads featuring locals in Levi’s Work Wear. The thinking is that these folks are a new 21st Century kind of pioneer, adapting to difficult economic conditions and working hard to rebuild their community.

To show that they didn’t just roll into town to shoot some ads on the cheap, Levi’s have also committed to funding the refurbishment of Braddock’s community center and are supporting the local urban farm, which is pretty admirable. By focusing on real people Levi’s hope to “inspire workers everywhere” and I assume that they don’t just mean to buy a pair of 501s.

Levi's "Ready To Work" Ad Campaign levis2.jpg


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