Lindsay Lohan in Siwy Denim Shorts -lindsay-lohan-siwy-madeline-denim-shorts-ro-01.jpg

Lindsay Lohan‘s personal assistant, Elinore, quit yesterday. She says she was exhausted and overworked as her reasoning for quitting on Lilo. I would presume poor Elinore could not handle Lindsay‘s sudden change in clothing. Lindsay was rocking black legging day after day and now the girl is a whirlwind of style donning denim day after day in the last week and then some. I bet she can’t keep Lindsay‘s closet straight now! hope Lindsay finds a new assistant soon. Like myself, she needs someone to keep her organized to stay on top of things.

Check out Ms. Lohan in her Siwy Madeline Cut-off Shorts as she shops for jewelery at Roseark.

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