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Levi’s Jeans have been around since the dawn of time, however I won’t bore you with their iconic history as most denim geeks will be well aware of it already. What I can tell you about is their avid determination to revive timeless and historic (and dare I say forgotten about) jeans. The latest to grace my legs being the 1933 501 relaxed fit, Road Rash jeans from their Levi’s Vintage Clothing range. Quite a mouthful.

I know it’s totally not their intention, but the worn in and distressed Levi’s Vintage clothing range really remind me of college days where if you could combine comfort and expense in a look, you were onto a winner. Days where you woke up 10 minutes before a lecture, threw on a t-shirt that you didn’t recognise and a pair of jeans that had oil and paint stains from sessions spent in the design studio. These jeans are close to the definition of comfortable.

Loose fitting, relaxed mid-rise jeans with plenty of vintage detailing such as the ver-de-gris buttons and broken cinch back. These jeans can probably take the beating too, as the selvage lining proves, this is high-quality denim woven on narrow looms. The inseam is pretty long, but considered a design aesthetic when combined with the frayed hems. If you’re into trainers (sneakers for our American readers!) low rise is the choice of mix, I went for my near destroyed converse all-star chucks.

Of course the classic Levi’s signatures are present too like the embossed patch on the waistband, the rear pocket stitching, embossed visible fly button and even a little manufacturing label to keep tabs on the limited numbers made so you feel extra special

So, an ideal pair for any student, or to fit in with the worn in denim and work boot combination currently in fashion. If you like a pair that only hugs the waist with a loose straight leg so there’s plenty of room for comfort without too much width and if you want those frayed edges, scuffed knees and snagged seams, these are definitely one to add to the wardrobe.

The Levi’s 1933 501 Road Rash Jeans reviewed here are available online from for ยฃ162.38 ($239.00).

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