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So many people complain about English weather. When it’s hot it’s always too cold and when it’s cold it’s freezing. I’m one of those people and this week my complaining has been justified. Only in England can you experience hail stone showers, high winds and then 27°c heat all in one day. It makes taking photos the Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans incredibly hard. Especially when those jeans are a blue fade and when I say fade, it’s nearing chalk white.

Now for me, being a raw/dark wash denim patriot, causes a slight dilemma as my wardrobe definitely does not consist of light wash denim matchups nor the kind of summer attire you’ll see in the streets of Milan or Valencia where chinos and single colour fade denim is standard choice. This is England. So In a stroll I go with a vintage 70’s Adidas zip track top and Gola life Hi-Tops.

This is also the first pair of Marc Jacobs jeans I’ve ever tried and I have to say, despite them being the tightest things ever to embrace my thighs, the feel of the denim was incredible, softer than an infant’s blanket. Its one thing washed denim has over rigid raw jeans, the feel.

I like simplicity on jeans and so I had no problem with these at all. Standard 5 pocket design with a coin pocket, belt loops and a concealed fly zip. Standard Marc Jacobs branded waist button fastening and an unbranded signature waist patch.

The length is beyond average when compared to the waist sizing. Mine we’re a 34″ length so it meant plenty of gathering above the ankles. The rise 9.5″, which is close to my preference in raw denim, however I’m well aware these won’t stretch out over time. The fit is labeled as ‘stick jean’ so the leg is incredibly straight with no tapering so the thighs are a real tight fit as a skinny jean but with a straight leg opening (18cm).

And so back in the wardrobe they go after there’s a breach in the atmosphere and I have to move swiftly indoors as the rain begins. There they will remain until the next time the the sun decides to show its face.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Faded Blue Slim Fit Stick Jeans reviewed here are available from

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  1. Hi Matt! Great review! I love everything Marc Jacobs!
    Your reviewing counterpart in L.A.

  2. Hi Matt! Great review! I love everything Marc Jacobs!
    Your reviewing counterpart in L.A.

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