Get FREE Amethyst Jeans on the Van's Warped Tour!!!  -amethyst-jeans-warped-tour-giveaway-jt11.jpg

I went to the Van’s Warped Tour with my kids yesterday and the first thing I saw as I walked in was a HOT PINK mini bus that said Amethyst Jeans on it. After making my to the schedule board to see when my favorite bands were playing, we decided to make our way by the Amethyst Jeans Jean Machine to get the details on their denim for Denimology. As I was waiting to talk to the attendant I noticed they were just GIVING AWAY jeans. No hiccups or rules. I just filled out a little card with my name, email, phone number & jeans size and bam, I got free jeans!

They literally give away 600 pairs of jeans A DAY at Warped! You have to be the first 100 at their posted times, so be sure to swing by early to see the times you need to head over there. They also have a giveaway for free jeans for a year (that’s a pair every month). Click the image below to read the fine print for the details. Amethyst jeans offer “first-class denim at moderate price points for their 15- to 22-year-old customer with accessible price tags of $25 to $48” and they are on a mission to “get YOU in a pair of Amethyst Jeans”!

Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for more info on getting yourself into a pair of Amethyst Jeans and maybe for free too!

Get FREE Amethyst Jeans on the Van's Warped Tour!!!  -amethyst-jeans-warped-tour-giveaway-jt.png