Kellan Lutz in Calvin Klein Jeans -kellan-lutz-calvin-klein-jeans-june-19-jt.jpg

Sexy star Kellan Lutz is spotted sporting Calvin Klein Jeans paired with his Emmett Cullen dark brown hair while out and about in Hollywood.

I just finished watching the third installment of The Twilight Saga a half an hour ago (2:30 am EST) at my local theater. Unfortunately, my beautiful boyfriend Kellan does not say very much (as usual, siiiiiigh) however I would like to tell you all that the newest movie was really, really good! I can not wait to see the fourth (and fifth, grumble, grumble) movie(s) now! Taylor Lautner was delicious as expected and Kristin Stewart wasn’t even cringe worthy in the latest flick! It’s true I tell you!

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