Levi's Jeans, Made in the USA for Brooks Brothers Levi'sR Jeanswear Teams with Brooks Brothers for New Collection .jpg

On the whole collaborations usually take the form of a big, established brand cosying up with someone younger and hipper, with the goal being that some respectability/edginess will be swapped from one to the other. So the news of the collaboration between Levi’s and Brooks Brothers leaves me scratching my head a little? I guess Levi’s would be considered the younger, hipper partner in this relationship, but at 137 years old they certainly have plenty of miles on the clock. In fact these brands have a combined age of over 300 years, which if I am not mistaken makes them older than the Rolling Stones! In celebration of the fact that they are both still going strong Levi’s factory in Los Angeles has been busy re-producing some of their classic styles – the 501, 505 and 514 which will be available exclusively at BB with prices starting at $148.