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Sugar Cane Jeans are simply famous. And when I say famous I’m not talking about the 21st Century X-Factor, no talent, overnight sensation type of fame. I’m mean the emergence of quality over time that has gained recognition for being something truly remarkable type of fame.

I got a pair of the Hawaiian indigo dyed Sugar Canes and my first impression was that they are really like nothing else I’ve ever tried before. As I opened the coarse sugar cane woven holding bag the first thing I noticed was the smell. Yes I said smell. They have a fairly sweet scent about them, unlike pre-washed raw jeans which have that strong indigo dye scent or washed jeans that smell of industrial detergent. For those of you who don’t know Sugar Cane jeans are woven from Sugar Cane and right hand weaved cotton. No broken twill here. Don’t expect a cut that has been compromised by contemporary trends, these are a vintage cut with more than enough room to breathe, made from 14.25 ounce green selvage denim.

If you’re not already impressed then let’s talk about some of the features. Steel embossed fly button and rivets. The hidden reinforcing back pocket rivets are my favourite find. They will produce some awesome wear over time which simply cannot be mimicked by any of the distressing methods I have come across. The rear pocket embroidery is a nice touch, just to let all denim lovers know these are not just any pair of Sugar Canes. Lastly is the deer skin waist patch with a custom limited emblem embossed to finish the jeans off. Incredible craftsmanship.

If that wasn’t enough, the jeans come with a Hawaiian rear ‘check pocket’ limited edition cloth just to make you feel that little bit more special.

I totally love them but if there was anything I would do to them, it would be a total tailor re-fitting. Blasphemous maybe but one thing I love about raw denim is its character development over time. These jeans were originally worn by railwaymen, servicing and constructing old rail lines who never washed. I don’t build railways and I love wearing in jeans (I’ll add here I do also wash, daily). But a slim fitting variation of these, can you imagine how awesome they would be?

It’s jeans like these that make me love doing what I do.

The Sugarcane Hawaiian Indigo Jeans reviewed here are available from for £360.

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