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Savannah Style – Serfontaine “The Vandal” Jeans

Savannah Style – Serfontaine “The Vandal” Jeans

Serfontaine’s “The Vandal” Jeans have taken the distressed/destroyed trend and incorporated fishnet to the inside for a look that reminds me of the 80’s fashion of wearing fishnets under torn jeans (like Madonna in “Desperately Seeking Susan“). Known for sexy statement jeans, Serfontaine pushes the envelope on design elements that help separate them from the denim competition.

“The Vandal’s” denim is finished in a manner that gives it an almost leather look which looks great when combined with the distressing. The jeans fit really well (87% cotton the rest Nylon and Lycra provides for plenty of stretch), they have a fairly standard rise and are a tad long on me, so I had to tuck them under about two inches. By pairing them with my the Jeffrey Campbell shoes that I got for my birthday and a grey zipper top I definitely felt that there was plenty going on with my outfit.

Although I really like the distressing with fishnet I would have preferred there to be a bit less of it. If I were to change anything on these jeans I’d lesson the overall amount of distressing and concentrate only on the areas that would be naturally worn. There is no feeling of bulk being added to the jeans because of the fishnet and actually they are quite lightweight for what appears to be a more heavy jean.

Summer has been crazy… my plan was to be more productive (meaning do my online classes in Algebra 2 and French every morning) but that has all gone out the window the past few weeks. I’m a huge Ramones fan and helped my Mom and Linda Ramone with the Johnny Ramone Tribute here in LA this past Sunday. This meant I have been super busy assembling VIP laminates, making gift bags and delivering fliers and haven’t been able to do all the other projects I have on, so apologies on there being no review last week. A great time was had by all at the Tribute, so the hard work paid off and I did finally get round to actually doing some online classwork done this morning!

The Serfontaine Vandal jeans reviewed here are available online for $160.


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  1. Thanks! I really liked these jeans too! The shoes are a lot of fun! Love Jeffrey Campbell shoes!

  2. Thanks! I really liked these jeans too! The shoes are a lot of fun! Love Jeffrey Campbell shoes!

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