Billycock Denim & Co F/W 2010 Collection billycock_9.jpg

Billycock Denim & Co’s F/W 2010 Collection is their third batch and they really look to be hitting their stride now. The denim comes direct from Japan to Oz where they hand-dye it themselves. What really grabs me about this collection are the colours, it comforts me to know that the owners of this brand will have most likely dyed themselves bright green or purple trying to produce some kick ass denim on my behalf. This lookbook is a collaboration with Annabel Wendt from LoveMore Blog and Photographer Aneyefor. The jeans will go on sale In Australia this Autumn/Winter and will retail for AUS$220 – $320. Anyone interested in selling them outside Oz should email [email protected].

Billycock Denim & Co F/W 2010 Collection billycock_8.jpg
Billycock Denim & Co F/W 2010 Collection billycock_5.jpg

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