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Here we have the new collection from revived denim brand Les Halles. Originally founded by husband and wife team Marlene and Stephen Baum in the late 1970s, Les Halles was very popular before being closed down in 1983. Now nearly 30 years later the brand has been resuscitated by daughter Remy Baum. Still a family business Remy is drawing on her parent’s expertise (Dad was head of design for Jordache, Guess, and American Eagle Outfitters) but is bringing her own youthful perspective. She must be doing something right because they are already being stocked by one of the web’s biggest online fashion retailers ShopBop where they retail for between $80 and $120.

Les Halles Jeans - Denim Reborn MoodShot_LaEsquina.jpg
Les Halles Jeans - Denim Reborn MoodShot_Bench.jpg

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